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Have proper Head protection during MMA Training

Sparring during boxing training means getting hit in the head repeatedly without a break. Failing to use proper head protection during sparring can cause permanent damage to your brain even leading to body paralysis. Boxing is a sport that inflicts much body damage on the upper body region. The head is the centre point where most of the punches are landed to knock of the opponent. Hence, it is essential to wear a protection gear that protects your head from receiving the impact of the punch. Helmet Gear with soft cushions will help in reducing the impact without taking the essence out of the sport.

No pain no gain stands good for exercise and not for getting punched on your head. Hence, while taking sparring lessons from your coach or fellow boxer ensure that you use a MMA head gear of the best quality available in the market. The protective should serve two purposes – it should light-weight not restricting your movement and it should give maximum protection ensuring that your opponent exerts much energy on the punch but doesn’t hurt you much. While choosing a light weight head gear care should be taken to ensure that it is not too light to be broken with a few punches.

Quality Head Gear for Boxing


The sports goods market is spoilt with choices for high quality head gears. Head gears are available for a wide variety of sports including fencing, cricket, horse riding, kick boxing, etc. Each sport is different in the levels of activity and risk included. Boxing of all is considered most dangerous since majority of the punches are directed at the nose, eyes and brow of the opponent. If a good helmet which fits in properly is not used, even during sparring sessions it can cause severe injuries and result in loss of blood or permanent disfiguring.

Quite a number of debates have been conducted as to whether a head gear helps in preventing bruises or it causes accidents since an ill fitting head gear can knock off the balance of a boxer. However, medical experts confirm that using a head gear will minimize the impact of the punch and reduce the risk of concussions and damage to a great extent. Head gears contract to most common helmets are padded with soft material that is hard enough to block the hard punches. The helmet’s padding helps in preventing the direct contact with soft areas in the head or skull region and thus helps keep injuries at bay. It is important to note that if you are a boxer and are practicing a long time, which every boxer does before a match, it is necessary to use separate head gears. Use of separate head gears will ensure that the head gear does not get damaged or ripped from continuous use and does not give away during the match. Proper care and maintenance of the head gear is also essential to ensure durability.


Using right Sports Accessories while practising Contact Sports


All the sports are aimed at bringing out an individual’s vigour, stamina, improving their physical fitness, inculcating an ability to accept both success and failure positively and thus building the mental ability to understand all aspects of life and at the same time to prove the strength of a community or region or a nation through people who represent it as participants in the sport. Especially sports like that of Combat sports bring out the self discipline, an attitude to respect courage and strength and above all builds a character of fearlessness. Most popular among combat sports are boxing and mixed martial arts.

In contact sports like boxing, judo and kick boxing, helmets play a very important role in protecting the head and skull of the players. Headgears reduces the risk of injuries tremendously which otherwise can inflict skull damage and internal brain bleeding. It will reduce the scars and bruises that can be caused during sparring and live matches. Further, fully covered helmets and head gears can help avoid eye injuries. Eye injuries are very dangerous as the treatment and the diagnosis itself is very complicated and dangerous. In a sport like boxing players are highly prone to eye injuries as hard punches are given and taken to knock out the balance of the opponent.